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After years as an entrepreneur providing event promotion and management, I performed data input, analytic reporting, and workflow development for six programs at a non-profit for Homeless Veterans, while obtaining my Psychology degree.

As I moved into an Outreach position, I became fascinated with the cross section of analytics and marketing, obtaining a Master of Science degree in Marketing and New Media. Not content without further understanding of data usage, I completed a Software Engineering fellowship.

Today, I am enjoying continued practice in data visualization and manipulation, app development and database usage, marketing campaign development and more!

Two of my passions...

the integration of data and visualization to cultivate compelling marketing. Creating clear work flow control for harnessing connectivity is the driving factor that allows me to utilize trends, vividly share stories, and offer impactful representations that are engaging and thoroughly developed.

Today, I am seeking a position in which I can offer my honed skill sets, using my knowledge as a catalyst to drive growth, development, and community.

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What Fires Me Up

The power of WORD OF MOUTH and the magic that happens when a community shares our message!

Ensuring our web presence is ACCESSIBLE by staying ahead of the curve and competition – making digital marketing more inclusive, appealing and accessible to all.

Rather than adding to the noise and the clutter: Asking my audience what they are interested in, speaking to that, and BEING GENUINE.

Focus on giving my audience ACCESS to people, places, products and experiences.

Exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE through outreach engagement and care with each interaction.

INVOLVING COMMUNITIES in marketing content creation: building an army of activated advocates & tapping into far-reaching content and media creation expertise.

Strive to be
  • Connector.

    Dream Positions

    Brand or Developer Advocate
    Community Manager
    Marketing Engineer

  • Connector.

    Areas of Passion

    Diversity | Inclusion | Accessibility
    Growth Hacking & Community Involvement
    Data Spelunking & Visualization

  • Connector.


    Southern New Hampshire University | MS Marketing
    Arizona State University | BA Psychology
    Hackbright Academy | Software Engineer Fellowhip

  • Connector.


    Pandas | Python | Peaty Scotch | Data Viz
    Mixed Media Art | Backpacking | Volunteering
    Decidedly Non-Fiction Enthusiast
    All Things Oakland | Rock Climbing

It was a truly amazing experience. Working with Ro gave me a feeling of hope that there are people out there that care. It would have been much more of a challenge on how to organize the information, but she made it so much easier by giving me all of her support and patience. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I hope we can work together again.Rex B (CatchAFire)
Ro is very detail oriented both in the office and in the field. She exhibits a caring and empathetic attitude towards the population we served. I always felt confident that when on assignment with her, we would get the job done safely and efficiently.”Sholonda J (Operation Dignity)
“Ro was the go-to person when my company was in need of updating our social media skills. She was organized and patient. Her consultations were always helpful and she was conscientious in her contemplation of our company’s needs. Ro would be a great asset in someones company. Professional, smart, and cool as a cucumber.”Jani M (Aiken Welch)
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