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I am a life long community organizer dedicated to helping inspire empowerment and the cultivation of inclusivity. Passionate about social justice and diversity, Montréal was a natural fit as the most diverse city in Canada. My entrepreneurial journey began at ago 20, founding a Silicon Valley event production company which propelled me into community development as well as event marketing and management. I have since gone on to work on digital marketing campaigns for national political parties, multi-million dollar corporations as well as local LGBT and women owned small businesses.


I adore spending free time backpacking (especially Winter camping in search of hot springs), increasing my knowledge of Python and Javascript, diving into my ever lengthening reading list, and attempting to turn my black thumb green by growing everything from herbs to kombucha. I volunteer marketing skills to support incredible initiatives such as Techtonica and Tech For Campaigns, get dirty as a roadie for the AIDS/Lifecycle, and serve as a Hackbright Ambassador.

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What Fires Me Up

The power of WORD OF MOUTH and the magic that happens when a community shares a compelling message!

Pushing beyond diversity and inclusion and striving for EQUITY and ACCESSIBILITY aimed at strengthening those that have been marginalized.

Rather than adding to the noise and the clutter: Asking my audience what they are interested in, speaking to that, and BEING GENUINE.

Creating MAGICAL EVENTS that beckon the heart and entice the mind to think more broadly.

Exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE through outreach engagement that is authentic, and taking care with each interaction.

INVOLVING COMMUNITIES in marketing content creation: building an army of activated advocates & tapping into far-reaching content and media creation expertise.

Strive to be
  • Work Passions

    Diversity | Inclusion | Equity | Accessibility
    Growth Hacking & Community Involvement
    Data Spelunking | Pythonic Creations
    Event Management & Brand Evangelism

  • Enjoyments

    Glacier Climbing | Islay Scotches
    Mixed Media Art | Community Organizing
    Non-Fiction Bibliophile & Quote Hoarder
    All Things Camping | Vegan Baking

  • Alumna

    Southern New Hampshire University | MS Digital Marketing
    Arizona State University | Bachelor of Psychology
    Hackbright Academy | Software Engineer Fellowhip

“It was a truly amazing experience. Working with Ro gave me a feeling of hope that there are people out there that care. It would have been much more of a challenge on how to organize the information, but she made it so much easier by giving me all of her support and patience. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I hope we can work together again.”Rex B (CatchAFire)
“Ro is very detail oriented both in the office and in the field. She exhibits a caring and empathetic attitude towards the population we served. I always felt confident that when on assignment with her, we would get the job done safely and efficiently.”Sholonda J (Operation Dignity)
“Ro was the go-to person when my company was in need of updating our social media skills. She was organized and patient. Her consultations were always helpful and she was conscientious in her contemplation of our company’s needs. Ro would be a great asset in someones company. Professional, smart, and cool as a cucumber.”Jani M (Aiken Welch)
“Ro is able to take an idea and run with it, from crafting social media strategies for increased audience engagement to creating drip-campaigns for pre and post events. She is an integral team player and is well respected by her colleagues and the volunteers she manages.”Marian Z (Tech Inclusion)
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