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    Harmonize! Illuminate!

    Make the decision easy for your desired audience by offering free content showcasing your unique product(s) and provide channels for engagement and exchange.

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    Reasonable! Customized! Realistic!

    My goal is to take the tangled mass that is social media and create a simple, useful, and creative approach for small businesses.

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    Reach! Expand! Grow!

    Share your small business or non-profit with your community through marketing solutions that are:

    Customized for you

Simplify your social media setup and create impact!

Free White Pages
Not sure where to begin?
Digital business is changing constantly, which can be particularly challenging for small business owners already wearing so many hats.

I will put together an Internet Branding Assessment of your company presence and reach. This will allow you a clear understanding of how to put your best foot forward, digitally speaking.

Isn't a website enough?
Your website is your storefront. But it is not well utilized as a business card! Instead, think of the company website as a hub from which to share content, showcase and sell.

I will assess and configure your various online channels, profiles, and outreach to funnel potential customers to your website where they can can find content and engage with the company.

Why is a social media plan needed?
There is a lot of noise out there in the digital world: enough information to drown in! A Going Digital Guide will explain how your business can leverage its online presence.

I will par down the extraneous details and create for you an effective and efficient Guide to keep all the moving parts in tidy order without having to work at it.

Can you (re)create our brand?
Your corporate brand identity is your public persona, the storefront seem by those that come upon your company online. A cohesive representation allows assurance that your are portrayed in a manner that speaks of your unique offerings.

This can seem overwhelming at best, and cost thousands of dollars at worst. I will create a corporate brand identity that is the crown jewel of your online presence, providing a consistent and positive journey for your intended audience.

If you are seeking specialties beyond my means, I have a wonderful designer I will work with to make those dreams come true!

No time to keep up with Social Media?
Various social media sites and online advertising can seem a hassle to keep up with and navigate.

I like to organize what can easily get tangled, and instead create a social media plan and calendar for your online efforts. Through the use of automation we can minimize the effort needed for effective results.

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. -Abraham Lincoln